Monday, August 9, 2010

Slowly... slowly...

So yeah, I think I am slowly coming back to myself.  I really like the kind of high-energy buzz I get when faire season rolls around in Colorado, but this year was a bit much and I did a crap job of taking care of myself, my home and my relationships this summer.  I begin to have more sympathy for my truly busy busy friends and I wonder even more than when I had never been there how in the hell ya'll do it. 

I have had an Evil knot about the size of the end of a coke can living under my left shoulder for a week and between the gracious stabbing by Darcy and the brutal crunching of Dr Yoder, it seems to have subsided a bit.  Of course, I then proceeded to work an eight and a half hour day of nothing but belt burnishing following the chiropractor which might not have been the best choice for my own well being but left Terry in a better place for it.  It's nice to see that I really can organize that mismatched crew into an efficient belt-making machine when the need arises.  We banged out somewhere along the lines of fifty belts today.  It's a lot, trust me.  Terry's killing himself trying to get everything done and once again I have some sympathy but only some because a lot of this is bad planning in action.  Every year....

The new vehicle makes me happy.  I'm still getting used to parking it and I tend to overcompensate for the size.  I drive an SUV of sorts now.  Don't laugh, it's an Element and I like it.  It's got room for two.

I'm driving with Ashley to Michigan this year.  It has been... a really long time... since I went on the road With someone.  I mean, I've done some cool little trips with Darcy in the past and other folks too, but really travelling with someone... it's been a long time.  More than ten years, depending on how I count it.  It's good that we're taking some time away this week so's we're both less made of stress when we load up and head out.

Looking forward to Valley View.  Warm water and sun on skin and quiet.  Yeah.  Nice thought.

Our house is still half moved in to, but I did hang some more art and Ashley manages to organize small places more and more.  It's hard when you realize right after moving in that it's not where ya want to be.  I dunno where we'll wind up.  It is we, and that's got a nice feel to it, but we have much to rearrange and not all of it is furniture.

Tired and sore but feeling pretty good.  Need to remember to avail myself of acupuncture more often.  Need to find other good options for moving the chi around too.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just reposting some thoughts from a comment a made elsewhere:

Here's a thought... we need to find some small portion of the country that we don't really need and let all of the current crop of isolationist anti-immigrationists run it exactly how they want to, so long as those policies don't extend ove...r the border. Maybe build a dome around it. I'm thinking Nevada maybe, or perhaps Arizona. Here's the catchy bit: We fill the dome with billions of on demand cameras and then collect royalties when we sell viewing rights to the rest of the world, most particularly the Middle East and Central and South America. Germany too, they'll think it's a comedy.

I'm thinking we'd have something like the Truman Show crossed with Das Boot and the Donner Party.


The last few months have been a whirlwind, and possibly some of the most unhealthy time I have spent.  I've exercised very little and have had to all but force myself to meditate at all.  I've worked weird hours and weird days and never once actually felt any real confidence in what I've been doing.  I smoke too much, wound up drinking myself sick for the first time in my life and am basically a wreck.

I'm glad it's over.  I'm not sorry I did it.

Ashley moved in with me in May, just a month before we needed to move again.  Bad planning.  And then when we finally did move, it was in to a place that time and circumstances have never really conspired to leave us feeling like we really live here.  It was a month before I managed to hang anything much on the walls, we're still lacking some pretty basic furniture, we don't really have a place where anything belongs, least of all us.  And now, we're about to leave back to Michigan for a while.

I took a new job at the faire this year, which started less than a week after we moved in to our new place.  I had to create a new crew from scratch at a job that I wasn't really sure of the dynamics of.  It took me at least half the show to gain any sense that I knew what I was doing and even then I missed a thousand small things and a few big ones.  The schedule clash between me and Ashley has been near horrifying and meanwhile the job that sustains me when there isn't a faire in town is way behind, and even though that's no entirely my fault I'm still tired and disorganized enough that I'm having trouble making up the difference.

But then, we made, it didn't we.  It's been rough and hard and scratchy and both Ashley and I are bruised and battered by it (I won't go into the things Ashley's got on her plate, that's her story) ands still, we smile at one another through the bruises and say nice things and do nice things and we made it.  Not that it's over, not by a long shot, and not that I think it will inherently be easier from here on out, because we're going far away and she'll be confronted and distracted by the novelty of being home but not home and I have a shop to run and a new vehicle to make payments on and really, it's a mess.  It's my mess.  I don't like it this messy, but it's my mess, and it's our mess and if it were easy, it wouldn't be me.

So we cram in the last few gatherings, some laundry and cleaning, a trip to the hot springs and meanwhile I try and help with the worst of the load for renleather and get the car registered and maybe plated and still we're pulling our hair out, but hey, it's an adventure, right?

Oh, and as for the job, I think I made a few new customers along the way, increased sales enough to pay my wages at least (maybe a little more) and it'll be even better next year, or at least I have the skills to start really building something with the masks and the crew and the shop and Tiffany and Lynn and all. 

It has been a rough summer.  I'm in terrible shape.  I need more duct tape, some string and a long vacation.  I get a short vacation and I get to buy my own duct tape and string.

So far the summer seems to be pretty okay.